From a love of ballet and Nativity play narration to Shakespeare and discovering the joy of comedic plays, performing is something Becca's been drawn to from a very young age. She feels most at home when acting, and has loved discovering that same thrill and sense of rightness in audio drama, wanting to help tell stories people feel connected to.As a disabled person, making audio drama accessible is of the utmost importance to her, as it's been a welcoming community for her to join. Her other interests include creative writing, gaming (video & TTRPG), and languages. You can hear her as Lota in The Way We Haunt Now, Elio in Moonbase Theta, Out, as well as in podcasts such as Sidequesting, Someone Dies in This Elevator, and A Ninth World Journal.

Recurring Roles

The Way We Haunt Now

as Lota Wilson

Moonbase Theta, Out

as Elio

A Ninth World Journal

as Heth Narhaa

Boston Harbor Horror

as Lyla Higgins

Guest Roles

Script Editing

I am a script editor who can help you refine your audio drama's scripts, including spelling/grammar checking, as well as story flow, character voice, and anything else you might need. Open!


Are you a scripted audio drama needing transcripts? (All shows need transcripts!) I can help provide clear, accessible transcripts, and am willing to work with your show's budget. Currently closed.

Community Set-up

Want a Discord community for your show, but aren't sure how to do it? I can provide consultancy within your show's budget, advising you on how to create a server, what channels might work best, and on management - or I can set the server up for you, and then hand over the reins! Open!